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Vocito 1.1.0 for Mac
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Google sued over internet content

If successful, case could make Google liable for content of entire worldwide web

Google is being sued by a UK businessman who claims the search engine directed people to 'deeply offensive and commercially damaging' material about his comapnies on the internet.

The case, brought by Brian Retkin, 48, is the first of its kind in this country that seeks to make search engines responsible for the content of the internet.

Read more: computing.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Google sued over internet content - Saturday, June 30, 2007 -

YouTube wins "supermodel sex on the beach" case

A Brazilian judge has ruled in favor of YouTube, Globo Comunicações e Participações, and Internet Group do Brasil (iG) this week in a case involving Brazilian model Daniella Cicarelli and a sex video. Cicarelli and her boyfriend, Tato Malzoni, had sued YouTube after a video of the couple having sex on a public beach in Brazil appeared on the site. The pair argued that YouTube was violating their privacy. Judge Gustavo Santini Teodoro ruled that the couple's privacy claims were unfounded and ordered Cicarelli to pay fees to each of the defendants.

So first, she ordered pizza...

The story starts with the Spanish paparazzi videotaping Cicarelli and Malzoni having sex on a beach in August of 2006. The video was subsequently leaked to several media sources and was eventually shown on the Spanish TV show Dolce Vita. One thing led to another, and the sexcapade eventually landed on YouTube, where its popularity was rivaled by other uploads of the same video. Such is the pattern for many things video these days.

Read more: Ars Technica Posted by Picasa

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YouTube wins "supermodel sex on the beach" case - Thursday, June 28, 2007 -

Google Desktop for Linux

Google Desktop gives you easy access to information on your computer and from the web. It’s a desktop search application that provides full text search over your email, computer files, music, photos, chats and web pages that you’ve viewed. By making your computer searchable, Google Desktop puts your information easily within your reach and frees you from having to manually organize your files, emails and bookmarks. It makes searching your computer as easy as searching the web with Google.

Google Desktop doesn’t just help you search your computer; it also helps you gather new information from the web with Sidebar, a new desktop feature that shows you your new email, weather and stock information, personalized news and RSS/Atom feeds, and more. Sidebar is personalized automatically, without any manual configuration required (though you can certainly make your own customizations if you want to).

Requires glibc 2.3.2+, gtk+ 2.2.0+

Download: Google Desktop for Linux Posted by Picasa

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Google Desktop for Linux - -

Dr Google will see you soon

Vegetarian giant to eat more data, weigh less

Google is getting its ducks in a row for its push into medical information. The advertising broker has rounded up a herd of healthcare policy-types to advise it on medical matters.

The new Health Advisory Council will be chaired by University of California, San Francisco professor Dean Ornish, who runs non-profit organisation The Preventive Medicine Research Institute, but is best known for veggie diet bestseller Eat More, Weigh Less. US health insurers love his ideas, and offer discounts to blobby clients who agree to sign up to them.

Read more: theregister.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Dr Google will see you soon - -

Google searches for computer dealers

Hard Times with Ingram Micro

Is there no end to this company's ambitions? Google has signed up Ingram Micro, the world's biggest IT wholesaler, to distribute its hardware search appliance box in the US.

Distributors are useful for credit, delivery and product returns. They are used to making next to no money and love new products where the margins flow freely and the vendor marketing budgets are generous.

Does Google fit the bill? As the world's most efficient advertising network, it has little need to turn to others to make market on its behalf. But its name is not yet synonymous with enterprise search - Autonomy and FAST are contenders too.

Read more: channelregister.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Google searches for computer dealers - Wednesday, June 27, 2007 -

Picasa 2.7.0 Build 36.60

Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. Picasa also makes advanced editing simple by putting one-click fixes and powerful effects at your fingertips.

Picasa also makes it a snap to share your pictures – you can email, print photos at home, and make gift CDs. And with the new Web Albums feature, you can upload your photos to the web with just one click. You can even download your friends’ photos directly back to Picasa on your own computer. It’s never been so easy to share photos online. Now with Picasa Web Albums!

Download: Picasa 2.7.0 Build 36.60 Posted by Picasa

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Picasa 2.7.0 Build 36.60 - -

Google Earth announces formal nonprofit initiative

At an event in Google's New York offices on Tuesday, the company unveiled a new initiative to make its Google Earth geography software a more accessible tool for nonprofit organizations.

"We're now officially launching a program called Google Earth Outreach," said John Hanke, director of Google Earth and Maps. "Google is stepping up and validating this as a bona fide program that will be staffed in our group."

Google Earth Outreach is now live, and several downloadable layers from the program's inaugural partners--the Global Heritage Fund, Earthwatch and Fair Trade Certified--are now available online.

Full article: webware.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Earth announces formal nonprofit initiative - Tuesday, June 26, 2007 -

Google Apps Adds Migration Tools For Business Customers

Google has rolled out a new e-mail migration tool for prospective business customers looking to switch their e-mail management tasks over to Google Apps. The new self-service mail migration tools enable system admins to copy existing mail from an IMAP server over to GMail.

The tools are available only for Google Apps Premier and Education Editions, individuals looking to migrate from an IMAP set up to GMail will still have to make the move by hand.

Full story: wired.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Apps Adds Migration Tools For Business Customers - -

Google antitrust complaint ends with a thud

After all the hoopla over Google's antitrust complaint against Microsoft, today's court hearing was absolutely anticlimactic.

The feds and the state attorneys general had disagreed on whether Google's complaint was significant, but in the end they all accepted Microsoft's offer to modify Vista and be sure PC makers can preload them with Google's hard-drive search tool.

As expected, the judge basically said she doesn't want to reopen the case against Microsoft and favors the compromise. Google and the states are still making threatening noises and some details have to be worked out, but this episode is over.

Read more: seattletimes.com Posted by Picasa

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Google antitrust complaint ends with a thud - -

Google to close German Gmail

Privacy rules too precise

SEARCH ENGINE outfit Google is set to close its Gmail operation in Germany over a spat about privacy.

According to Spiegel, Google has chucked its toys from its pram over the German Bundestag's new Internet surveillance law.

Peter Fleischer, Google's German privacy representative says the new law is a severe blow against privacy.

Read more: theinquirer.net Posted by Picasa

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Google to close German Gmail - Monday, June 25, 2007 -

Yahoo's latest weapon to beat Google

Less than a week after Terry Semel stepped down as chief executive of Yahoo, Wenda Harris-Millard, chief sales officer in the U.S., has left the company.

In a statement on Sunday, Yahoo Inc. said that its veteran domestic sales officer has resigned, forcing the company to merge the two main parts of its US advertising business under one sales executive, David Karnstedt.

Karnstedt, currently senior vice president of Yahoo's Search sales business, would lead the newly merged sales teams as head of North American sales.

Read more: themoneytimes.com Posted by Picasa

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Yahoo's latest weapon to beat Google - -

eBay resumes Google advertising

But AdWords ain't all that, tat house snipes

After their bust up over a spolier party earlier this month, eBay and Google are back in bed together, albeit with less cash changing hands.

eBay got huffy when the search strumpet, which is going after PayPal's online payments dominance with its cheaper Checkout system, tried to pimp itself at a party on the fringes of a partner event in Boston. eBay summarily withdrew its advertising, which had made it Google's best punter.

In a rare public defeat, Google flinched, and canned the party.

Read more: theregister.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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eBay resumes Google advertising - -

Adobe extends online video remixer to YouTube and MTV

Adobe announced this morning that it has extended its Adobe Premiere Express service to two other online video services: YouTube and MTV.com. The free, Flash-based "video remixer" will allow users of the world's most popular video sharing site to splice their videos together with music, transitions, and other effects without requiring them to have special software on their computers. Similarly, MTV.com is holding a contest wherein users can "mix" new versions of Kelly Clarkson's video "Never Again" with the Premiere Express tool.

Adobe first launched Premiere Express in a partnership with PhotoBucket last February. The editor's drag-and-drop interface made it easy for PhotoBucket's users to create "remixes" of their videos and photos hosted on the site. They could then save them out as Flash movies, which are embeddable on any type of web page. PhotoBucket and Adobe billed it as an easy-to-use, no-experience-required solution for users to add multimedia elements to their personal photos and videos.

Full article: arstechnica.com Posted by Picasa

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Adobe extends online video remixer to YouTube and MTV - Friday, June 22, 2007 -

Google considers launching YouTube in SKorea

The world's top Internet search engine Google is looking to launch YouTube in South Korea later this year to capitalise on the fast-growing user created content market here, a report said Friday.

YouTube, which was bought by Google last year, is the world's most popular online video-sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips.

Read more: theage.com.au Posted by Picasa

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Google considers launching YouTube in SKorea - -

Apple’s iPhone becomes yPhone

The iPhone looks like it won’t support Flash but will still allow users to watch YouTube video clips thanks to a dedicated viewer that supports the newly H.264 encoded YouTube video format.

Just as the Apple TV is now YouTube compatible thanks to the H.264 format that YouTube’s video collection is being re-encoded with, so too is the iPhone able to display YouTube’s H.264 videos thanks to a special player iPhone users will see when visiting YouTube’s site.

Read more: itwire.com.au Posted by Picasa

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Apple’s iPhone becomes yPhone - Thursday, June 21, 2007 -

YouTube to overtake the BBC

YouTube is set to overtake the BBC as the most popular entertainment website in the UK, if current trends continue.

According to statistics from internet monitoring company Hitwise, the BBC could find itself toppled from the number one spot – a position it has held for the past two years – by the video-sharing site.

Read more: webuser.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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YouTube to overtake the BBC - -

Yahoo + Yang = Google + (Page + Brin)?

SO JERRY YANG is no longer just the chief Yahoo, whatever that means. Terry Semel has vacated Yahoo's CEO office and Jerry Yang has set up shop there. At the same time, Sue Decker has stepped into the president's role. While Terry Semel's departure didn't come as a great surprise to anyone in the search space, Jerry Yang's appointment as CEO did raise a few eyebrows. In retrospect, the move seems to make a lot of sense but in the numerous conversations I've had on this topic in the last few weeks, no one mentioned Yang's name as Yahoo's possible savior. With this move will come the inevitable speculation about how this will bolster Yahoo's chances of competing against Google. Just last week I was interviewed by Bloomberg TV and was asked about that very topic. At that time I mentioned that the biggest difference between the two was the lack of corporate focus at Yahoo and the fact that focus, at least on the search side, has never been an issue for Google.

Full article: mediapost.com Posted by Picasa

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Yahoo + Yang = Google + (Page + Brin)? - -

Microsoft and Google search for resolution

Google takes action against Windows Vista's in-built search tool

Microsoft has succumbed to pressure from competition authorities to make it easier for Vista users to override its built-in desktop search tool.

Search rival Google had alleged Microsoft's Vista operating system disadvantages other search software by making it difficult for users to use non-Microsoft desktop-search software.

Google claimed in a white paper sent to both the Department of Justice and the US attorneys general that Microsoft's desktop search tool is almost impossible to turn off and affects a computer's performance when running a non-Microsoft search tool.

Read more: channelweb.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Microsoft and Google search for resolution - -

Recharge a Car, Recharge the Grid, Recharge the Planet

RechargeIT is a Google.org initiative that aims to reduce CO2 emissions, cut oil use and stabilize the electrical grid by accelerating the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid technology.

By demonstrating the technology using our own fleet and supporting others through grants and investments, together we will drive toward a plug-in revolution.

Learn more: RechargeIT.org Posted by Picasa

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Recharge a Car, Recharge the Grid, Recharge the Planet - -

Schmidt: Enterprises key to Google's future

Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, has acknowledged that providing applications and other services to business customers will be an important strategy for maintaining growth of the company.

Speaking at a press event in Paris on Tuesday, Schmidt responded to a question on how Google intends to maintain its phenomenal growth rates when the stream of ad revenues from old media to new media, which has sustained the company so far, begins to plateau. "Small businesses and universities are likely to become a significant business for Google as [they] use our leverage in terms of sales and infrastructure," he said.

Full article: zdnetasia.com Posted by Picasa

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Schmidt: Enterprises key to Google's future - -

SueTube: sex, copyright, and rock & roll

A litigation electromagnet

Popular video sharing site YouTube managed to avoid getting into big trouble in its early days. Perhaps due in part to the concept's newness at the time, various entities simply didn't seem interested in dealing with YouTube. But Google's acquisition of the company changed all that. It was as though a switch was flipped: Google's deep pockets and YouTube's increasing popularity meant that not only were more videos of everything imaginable being uploaded, but taking action against the service might actually show some results.

And so YouTube became a massive lawsuit electromagnet, attracting legal challenges from across the country and around the world. Google has maintained that most complaints should fall under the DMCA's Safe Harbor provision—meaning that a web site operator cannot be held liable for infringing material posted by one of its users as long as it complies with removing copyrighted material upon request.

That argument hasn't stopped everyone, however, from trying to hold Google and YouTube accountable for the content it hosts. In what follows, we look at the legal landscape so far and what the implications of the lawsuits might be for YouTube and sites like it.

Full article: arstechnica.com Posted by Picasa

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SueTube: sex, copyright, and rock & roll - -

YouTube Goes Local With 9 Country Specific Versions

YouTube will launch nine country specific versions of YouTube today.

YouTube local versions will be available for Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the U.K, complete with relative country specific domains such as youtube.fr and youtube.jp.

The new sites include fully translated site content and will eventually deliver country specific popular content.

Read more: techcrunch.com Posted by Picasa

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YouTube Goes Local With 9 Country Specific Versions - Tuesday, June 19, 2007 -

Google goes electric with cars and solar power

Google’s ‘RechargeIT’ initiative transforms hybrid cars into mostly electrically powered vehicles that barely use the fuel tank to double the fuel economy of regular hybrids, pump energy back into the grid and reduce emissions while providing US $10m to speed up progress.

With Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, already an investor in Silicon Valley’s ‘Tesla Motors’ electric car company, along with Google’s recent moves to work on energy efficient technology with Intel, Google is positioning itself to make as big a difference to the world of renewable energies as it has in search and online advertising.

Full article: ITWire.com.au/ Posted by Picasa

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Google goes electric with cars and solar power - -

New Yahoo chief prepares for fight with Google

SAN FRANCISCO: Jerry Yang, who started Yahoo as a Stanford University student 12 years ago and has returned as chief executive after a six-year absence, said Tuesday that he was gearing up for a long fight with Google.

"I'm ready to dig in and make sure we can take Yahoo to the next level," said Yang, 38. "I'm absolutely not interim. We want someone for the long haul."

Yang replaced Terry Semel, the former Warner Bros. executive, who presided as Yahoo lost its lead in Internet advertising to Google and as shares fell 35 percent last year.

Full story: International Herald Tribune Posted by Picasa

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New Yahoo chief prepares for fight with Google - -

Is Google Too Big?

With its empire expanding, the search giant can have an unprecedented breadth of knowledge about you. Can we trust it with so much data?

From search to e-mail, from calendars to spreadsheets and text documents, more and more of what PC users read and create flows through one firm: Google.

Google's pending purchase of online advertising giant DoubleClick (the deal awaited Federal Trade Commission approval as we went to press) will give it access to yet more information: the Web browsing histories collected by millions of DoubleClick cookies. Combine that data with what Google already knows through its homegrown services--Google Apps, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Desktop, and many others--and the company has the potential to know more about you than any one entity ever has.

Full article: washingtonpost.com Posted by Picasa

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Is Google Too Big? - -

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