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Google Analytics Up and Running Again

The Google Analytics blog announced on Monday that many users were subject to a Temporary Reporting Delay. Since this was in place since Saturday night, many of the affected users were already aware that something was up. The post reassures us that no data will be lost in the process.

An update on the situation late on Monday stated that this situation was almost fully rectified.

Read more: searchenginewatch.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Analytics Up and Running Again - Tuesday, July 31, 2007 -

Google bets on mobile market

Search giant Google is setting the stage for its biggest push yet into the U.S. mobile market, in a strategy that delicately straddles the line between partnering and competing with the major cell phone operators.

Last week, Google signed its most significant deal with a U.S. wireless operator to date. Sprint Nextel will integrate the company's mobile services with the carrier's new 4G WiMax network.

But in a move that could pit Google against wireless operators, the company recently announced plans to bid in the Federal Communications Commission's upcoming 700MHz wireless spectrum auction. Google is also continuing with its plans to build free citywide Wi-Fi networks in San Francisco and Mountain View, Calif.

The recent activity has many Google watchers speculating about the company's ultimate plans. Will it build its own wireless network using spectrum from the upcoming auction? Or will it strike more deals like the one it signed with Sprint Nextel? Will it come out with its own Google phone that will take on the likes of the Apple iPhone and other manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia?

Full article: news.com Posted by Picasa

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Google bets on mobile market - -

Community-based search engine Wikia to take on Google

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has unveiled details of his company's community-developed open source search engine which aims to challenge the dominance of both Google and Yahoo!

Over the weekend, Wales’ commercial start-up Wikia purchased a web crawler platform called Grub from LookSmart and released it under an open source license. Grub is powered by volunteers who download the platform onto their computers, letting it run as a background process, thus reducing the need for Wikia to set up a web crawling network of its own.

Read more: techspot.com Posted by Picasa

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Community-based search engine Wikia to take on Google - Monday, July 30, 2007 -

Google brand value soars

Coco-Cola holds place as the world's No. 1 most valuable brand name, but search engine has the momentum

Coca-Cola Co. and Microsoft Corp. are still the most valuable brand names on the planet, but for the second year in a row, Google Inc. was deemed to be the fastest growing, according to the annual Interbrand rankings of the 100 Best Global Brands.

It took two years for the California-based Internet search firm to break its way into the Top 20, improving its brand value to $17.8-billion, up 44 per cent this year. The value is intended to measure how much a brand is likely to earn for the company in the future. Interbrand uses analysts' projections, financial documents and its own analysis to reach the value.

Full article: theglobeandmail.com Posted by Picasa

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Google brand value soars - -

Gates Goes Off On The Threat Of Google's Phone Software

Maybe it was Microsoft's annual revenue shooting past $50 billion (along with Google's quarterly slump), but something seems to have brought out the claws in company Chairman Bill Gates. When asked by the New York Times about the threat Google poses in terms of phone software, Gates said the following:

"How many products, of all the Google products that have been introduced, how many of them are profit-making products? They've introduced about 30 different products; they have one profit-making product..."

Read more: wired.com Posted by Picasa

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Gates Goes Off On The Threat Of Google's Phone Software - -

Introducing the Google AJAX APIs

Google's Mission

As you may know, Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. This article discusses how Google is doing just that by providing easy to use JavaScript-based APIs that allow a wide range of web developers, from experts to casual bloggers, to integrate rich and compelling Google provided search and feed data seamlessly into their web pages. More specifically, this article reviews the overall architecture of Google's AJAX Search and AJAX Feed APIs and shows how to use the technologies they provide. As you'll see with this article, integrating cool search and Internet feed technologies ranging from traditional web searches to compelling multimedia searches is actually very easy to do without even requiring a hard core AJAX programming background.

Introducing the Google AJAX APIs: AJAX Search and AJAX Feed

Have you ever wanted to integrate rich, multimedia, search, or feed-based Internet content into your web applications/pages only to realize that creating your own AJAX infrastructure for doing this turned out to be a daunting task? Fortunately, Google provides a solution to this by providing very easy to use JavaScript APIs known as the AJAX Search and AJAX Feed APIs. These APIs are cousins to the popular Google Maps API and are functionally similar in that you can use them to easily insert rich AJAX content into your pages simply by adding small amounts of JavaScript code.

The AJAX Search API allows you to easily integrate some very powerful and diverse Google based search mechanisms or "controls" onto a Web page with relatively minimal coding.

Full article: developer.com

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Introducing the Google AJAX APIs - -

YouTube AntiPiracy Tool By September

Google may have an antipiracy tool for the YouTube video sharing site as soon as September according to a statement Friday by an attorney for Google. During a hearing in the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Viacom against Google last March a Google attorney stated that they are currently working on some type of video recognition technology.

The new technology should be able to create a unique identification on each video, similar to the uniqueness of a fingerprint, that owners of the videos can place on their media.

Read more: slipperybrick.com Posted by Picasa

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YouTube AntiPiracy Tool By September - Sunday, July 29, 2007 -

YouTube Mobile

YouTube now has enhanced sharing and uploading features, new partners, and better browsing for your mobile appliance.

Take YouTube on the road—now you can watch the best of YouTube from anywhere your mobile device gets a signal. Whether you want to see the most viewed, top rated, or other popular videos, they're all right at your fingertips.

Shoot and upload video in the moment—capture the best bits of life and share them with your friends and family, wherever you are. All it takes is a few keys on your mobile device.

Read more: youtube.com Posted by Picasa

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YouTube Mobile - -

Casio Introduces Two Stylish New EXILIM® Digital Cameras with YouTube Capture Mode

Casio Introduces Two Stylish New EXILIM® Digital Cameras with YouTube™ Capture™ Mode
Agreement with Popular Video Sharing Site, YouTube™ Connects Casio with Video Enthusiasts

DOVER, NJ, JULY 10, 2007 – Casio, Inc. and its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of two new digital cameras with the cutting-edge EXILIM Engine 2.0 image processing module. In conjunction with the release of these cameras, Casio, Inc. announced today their agreement with YouTube to include a unique YouTube Capture mode and bundle software to provide ideal settings for recording, storing and uploading video on the company’s newest EXILIM digital cameras – EX-S880 and EX-Z77. This agreement represents an effort by Casio, Inc. to directly engage the YouTube community by simplifying the process of creating and sharing videos.

Read more: casio.com Posted by Picasa

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Casio Introduces Two Stylish New EXILIM® Digital Cameras with YouTube Capture Mode - -

Google Earth, Maps Spike Enterprise Punch

In the consumer space, Google Earth and Google Maps go hand-in-hand. Now the same goes for Google Earth for the enterprise.

Business and government users of Google Earth for the enterprise can now view their organizations' geospatial data in 2-D on a browser behind the firewall.

As a part of the product upgrade, Google opened a "special" Maps API for the enterprise. That means administrators can now embed the Google Maps 2-D view into any Web application and create mashups with information from external databases, spreadsheets and other data sources, Noah Doyle, product manager for enterprise geo products, told internetnews.com.

Full article: internetnews.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Earth, Maps Spike Enterprise Punch - Friday, July 27, 2007 -

Life without Google: Can Yahoo regain search share?

Yahoo has a strategic plan due in 100 days and lags Google in most metrics. Yet despite Yahoo’s issues it still has the No. 2 market share in search. But if Yahoo wants to change its standing it should work on its interface a bit more.

According to Nielsen/Netratings, Google’s search market share in June was 52.7 percent with 20 percent going to Yahoo (gallery at right). To put this in context, Microsoft in third place with 13 percent. Yahoo’s year over year search growth is 20 percent compared to Google’s 46 percent. Microsoft’s Live Search grew 77 percent annually.

Full story: blogs.zdnet.com Posted by Picasa

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Life without Google: Can Yahoo regain search share? - -

Microsoft opens research center for search engines

Microsoft is still failing to overcome Google, king of the search engines, despite trying every tactic they know. Those tactics included ample marketing, bribery, OS integration and a host of others – but they just can't knock down the kingpin. Now they intend to learn how. They are opening up a dedicated research center specifically for search technology and advertising technology.

Read more: techspot.com Posted by Picasa

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Microsoft opens research center for search engines - -

Digg Dumps The Google For Microsoft

Social News site Digg has dumped Google in favor of Microsoft to serve up the contextual ads on the site. Financial details of the agreement have not disclosed, but the deal is a three-year contract.

Kevin Rose announced the change on his blog saying that the new deal is “similar to the one Facebook signed with Microsoft last year.”

Read more: wired.com Posted by Picasa

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Digg Dumps The Google For Microsoft - Thursday, July 26, 2007 -

Google's 700MHz plan versus the laws of physics

Conditions that Google wants the FCC to impose on eventual buyers of the 700MHz spectrum have generated much interest, but higher laws than any that might be imposed by the FCC - the laws of physics - might determine the future of its proposals.

Google's highly publicised and controversial letter to the FCC says that 'the only way to guarantee new broadband platforms is through open platforms." Google discuses four types of platforms that it says "should be mandated for commercial spectrum": open applications, open devices, open services, and open networks.

Under its open networks proposal, ISPs would be able to interconnect their own network facilities with the last-mile towers of the wireless providers. The ISPs then would purchase or lease discrete blocks of network capacity and provide a competing retail service.

Full story: itwire.com.au Posted by Picasa

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Google's 700MHz plan versus the laws of physics - -

Sprint, Google Hook Up For WiMax Services

For Google, the deal provides access to Sprint WiMax subscribers who will presumably be eager to use the Web-based tools on the go, at no or little cost.

Seeking to build on the momentum for its ambitious nationwide WiMax network, Sprint Nextel(S) said Thursday it will partner with Google to provide users of the network with Web services from the search giant, including e-mail, chat, and social networking tools.

The two companies said they will work together to develop a new mobile Internet portal over WiMax that will enable access to many of the Google services.

Full article: informationweek.com Posted by Picasa

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Sprint, Google Hook Up For WiMax Services - -

Google juices Turing Award

$250,000 could be yours

Thanks to Google, there's extra riches in store for the next winner of computing's "Nobel Prize." Today, the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) announced that Google has joined Intel in funding its prestigious Turing Award, upping the accompanying cash prize from $100,000 to $250,000.

It's no coincidence that the president of the ACM, Stuart Feldman, is also the vice president of engineering at Google. "The Turing Award is the highest award in the field of computing science and recognizes achievements that push the boundaries of innovation," Feldman said. "With the continuing financial support of Intel and the newly added contribution of funds from Google, we can significantly increase the award's cash value to better reflect the importance and prestige of the Turing Award worldwide."

Read more: theregister.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Google juices Turing Award - -

YouTube to Flex Political Muscle With CNN Presidential Debate

Anderson Cooper and CNN will host a presidential debate Monday night, but YouTubers will be the ones asking the questions. For weeks, YouTube users have been posting videos of themselves posing questions they want asked during the Democratic Party candidate debate. A similar debate among Republican Party candidates is scheduled for September.

In a major change to most stodgy political debates, YouTube and CNN are teaming up to let regular YouTubing Americans ask the nation's most influential politicians the hard-hitting questions.

YouTubers have been posting videos of themselves asking questions that CNN will select and present live to viewers and the Democratic Party candidates vying for the party's presidential nod. CNN's Anderson Cooper will moderate the two-hour debates and pose follow-up questions Monday evening at 7 p.m. EST.

Full article: ecommercetimes.com Posted by Picasa

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YouTube to Flex Political Muscle With CNN Presidential Debate - Monday, July 23, 2007 -

Google snaps up aerial photographer

Maps anyone...

Google has acquired ImageAmerica, a company that builds high-resolution cameras and uses them to take aerial photographs.

The search engine giant announced the move on its LatLong blog about Google Earth and its other mapping efforts. It didn't disclose terms of the deal.

Product Manager Stephen Chau said on the blog: "We're excited about how ImageAmerica's technology will contribute to our mapping services down the road. Since we're in the research and development phase right now it may be some time before you see any of this imagery in Google Maps or Earth."

Full article: silicon.com Posted by Picasa

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Google snaps up aerial photographer - -

Google May Recruit Allies in Fight With AT&T, Verizon

July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Google Inc., escalating a battle with AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, may team up with smaller mobile- phone service providers to create its own multibillion-dollar network.

The company, owner of the world's most popular Internet search engine, may bid at least $4.6 billion for wireless airwaves in a federal auction. Rather than use that spectrum to create its own network, Google is more likely to enlist the help of existing carriers, said Chris Sacca, head of special projects.

Read more: bloomberg.com Posted by Picasa

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Google May Recruit Allies in Fight With AT&T, Verizon - -

However much is in your Facebook, it ain't a new Google

There's an ancient adage in the computer industry - it may have originated at Microsoft - which says: 'Always eat your own dog food'. What it means is that if you are writing software other people are going to use, then you must use it yourself. If you're going to ask other people to commit their time, data and perhaps even sanity to using your product, you should take the same risks yourself.

An analogous injunction ought to apply to technology commentators: do not write about something unless you've used it yourself. It was in this spirit that I signed up to Facebook, the social networking service, some time ago. As it happens, I seem to have signed up just at the moment that Facebook reached its tipping point and switched into a phase of exponential growth. It's been fascinating watching from the inside as more and more of my colleagues and acquaintances sign up and confide their innermost thoughts to a few thousand close 'friends'.

Full story: guardian.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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However much is in your Facebook, it ain't a new Google - -

On antitrust, is Google the next Microsoft?

Not too long ago, nearly every move that Microsoft made seemed to draw complaints that the company was abusing its market dominance.

Now another market-leading technology company is under fire in Washington as well. An unlikely combination of onetime antitrust defendants like Microsoft and AT&T and liberal consumer groups that have been their traditional antagonists are taking aim at Google.

Interviews by CNET News.com last week show that Microsoft and its occasional allies have met separately with key congressional committees that deal with consumer protection and antitrust issues--both of which announced last week that they will hold hearings on Google's plan to spend $3.1 billion to buy DoubleClick.

Read more: zdnet.com Posted by Picasa

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On antitrust, is Google the next Microsoft? - -

Out-Gagging Google

Outsmarting Google isn't easy. So on the issue of user privacy, Google's competitors are trying a different tactic: knowing less.

Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT) announced Monday that it's introducing new measures on its Live Search application that would erase identifying data from search logs 18 months after it's recorded and will allow users to surf sites with Microsoft-provided ads without having their behavior tracked.

Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO) plans to make all search data anonymous after 13 months, according to a spokesman, and InterActiveCorp's (nasdaq: IACI) Ask.com announced last week that it will be launching AskEraser, a search option that erases all history of Ask searches. Microsoft and Ask.com issued a joint statement over the weekend calling on members of the search industry to meet and discuss ways they can work together to define privacy principles and protect user information.

Full article: forbes.com Posted by Picasa

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Out-Gagging Google - -

Now Google wants to be a telco

The Cookie Monster, whose gargantuan appetite simply cannot be assuaged no matter what it eats, having gobbled up much of the Internet is now about to get its teeth into telecoms. There is even the possibility that before too much longer there might even be such a things as a Google phone!

Over the weekend, the giant web company disclosed that it will be a bidder in the upcoming auction of a swathe of US wireless spectrum. Google says it is willing to bid at least US$6.4 billion as it seeks to become a mobile operator, but will do so only if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) accepts and imposes a set of rules that would certainly be favourable to the search engine company but that have already been flatly rejected by other, established cell phone operators.

Full story: telecomtv.com Posted by Picasa

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Now Google wants to be a telco - -

Look out Windows, here comes Google -- and iPod

While looking through the latest quarterly results from Microsoft and Google last week, it struck me that Google's companywide revenues had, for the first time, exceeded the sales in Microsoft's Client division, the unit that makes Windows for PCs. That's no small feat, and I decided to explore the competitive and symbolic implications in this week's Software Notebook, in Monday's newspaper.

As detailed in the story, there are all sorts of qualifiers that come into play when making that comparison. It's definitely not an apples-to-apple kind of thing. But the financial milestone underscores Google's revenue growth and illustrates why Microsoft has been trying to further diversify its business, in areas including Internet search and online advertising.

Read more: seattlepi.com Posted by Picasa

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Look out Windows, here comes Google -- and iPod - -

Google, Viacom Lawyers Square Off on DMCA

Viacom and Google go to court July 27 to decide which of the two companies should bear the cost of keeping Viacom's copyrighted content off YouTube, Google's video-sharing Web site. Viacom says Google and seeks $1 billion in damages.

Whatever the result, the case will impact most Internet users. According to comScore, nearly 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched an average of 158 minutes of online video per user during May 2007. Most of those videos came from YouTube. According to web metrics firm Hitwise, YouTube's market share was 50 percent greater than the next 64 most popular Web video sites combined.

Full article: internetnews.com Posted by Picasa

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Google, Viacom Lawyers Square Off on DMCA - -

Google vows to bid billions for airwaves

Yet Internet giant demands FCC meet open-access conditions

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - Internet-search engine Google Inc. on Friday said it's prepared to bid at least $4.6 billion for wireless licenses in an approaching federal auction if the U.S. government sets the rules to favor open access for all comers.

The Federal Communications Commission plans to sell valuable wireless licenses in the 700 megahertz range by early next year in an auction sure to raise billions of dollars. Big wireless-phone companies and other bidders want the spectrum to offer speedier mobile-Internet connections and other new services.

Read more: marketwatch.com Posted by Picasa

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Google vows to bid billions for airwaves - Friday, July 20, 2007 -

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