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Google Toolbar for Firefox 3.1.20080919w

Google Toolbar is a popular browser add-on that makes it possible to quickly perform Google Web searches, prevent annoying pop-up ads from appearing, and fill in Web forms with one simple click.

Now you can make your Toolbar as unique as you are. You can add buttons and bookmarks; share web pages with friends; get instant search suggestions; and enjoy the web form filler and spellchecker.


· Enhanced Search Box
· Google Safe Browsing
· Subscribe to Feed
· Send with Gmail
· Custom Layouts
· SpellCheck
· AutoFill
· Custom buttons
· Google Account Sign-in

· Google Docs & Spreadsheets
With the Google Docs & Spreadsheets feature enabled in the Google Toolbar, you can open most popular file types right in your browser.

· Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere

· Add buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite sites.

· Send To
You can use your Google Toolbar to share web pages via email, text message (SMS), or blog.

System requirements:
• Windows XP/2000 SP3+, Mac OS X 10.2+, or Linux
• Firefox 2.0+

Download: Google Toolbar for Firefox 3.1.20080919w Posted by Picasa

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Google Toolbar for Firefox 3.1.20080919w - Thursday, September 25, 2008 -

Project 10 to the 100th

Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.

Project 10100 (pronounced "Project 10 to the 100th") is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Here's how to join in.

1. Send us your idea by October 20th.
Simply fill out the submission form giving us the gist of your idea. You can supplement your proposal with a 30-second video.

2. Voting on ideas begins on January 27th.
We'll post a selection of one hundred ideas and ask you, the public, to choose twenty semi-finalists. Then an advisory board will select up to five final ideas. Send me a reminder to vote.

3. We'll help bring these ideas to life.
We're committing $10 million to implement these projects, and our goal is to help as many people as possible. So remember, money may provide a jumpstart, but the idea is the thing.

Good luck, and may those who help the most win.

Read more: project10tothe100.com Posted by Picasa

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Project 10 to the 100th - Wednesday, September 24, 2008 -

Google Helps Users Navigate New York Public Transit System

The nation's largest transit system could be a bit easier to navigate with Google's new tools, including translation into 23 languages.

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Transit now assists New York City residents and visitors with planning trips via public transit, car, or foot.

New York State and City leaders joined Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Grand Central Station Tuesday to announce the launch of a feature that makes it easier to navigate the largest transit system in the United States. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs New York City's transit system, gives Web site visitors the option of planning their travels with directions from Google.

Google Transit incorporates the city's subway stops, bus routes, and commuter trains to outlying areas, with its map features, including street views.

Read more: informationweek.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Helps Users Navigate New York Public Transit System - -

Watch The Political Spin Machine With Google "In Quotes"

Google has just opened a new Labs project, called In Quotes, to the public. The site allows users to compare quotes from various political figures, displaying key excerpts from speeches and interviews that they've given recently.

By default the site is presenting quotes from US Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, contrasting the things they've said on such issues as Iraq, marriage, abortion, and the economy. Users can click a "Spin" button to compare two randomly chosen quotes, or they can choose to cycle through them manually. All quotes are pulled from Google News stories that have appeared in the last few weeks. There are 20 political figures available in the United States version of the site, with other editions available for Canada, India, and the UK.

Read more: washingtonpost.com Posted by Picasa

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Watch The Political Spin Machine With Google "In Quotes" - -

Google Dream Phone Makes Its Debut

The T-Mobile G1 with Google powered by Android was unveiled this morning in New York with a list price of $179 -- undercutting Apple's iPhone -- and confirming many of the rumors that had been floating around about the device over the past few week.

But it was a surprise guest appearance by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who skated onto the stage wearing rollerblades, that drew the most enthusiastic response from the crowd and cameras.

“I’m a bit of a geek and I really like tinkering with things,” Brin said, pulling one of the black flip phones out of his pocket (also available in white and brown). The two, perhaps taking a cue from the legendary in-person marketing prowess of Apple's Steve jobs, hyped one of the most appealing assets of the G1: the completely open source Android platform, which allows third party developers to create applications.

Read more: wired.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Dream Phone Makes Its Debut - -

Think Tank: GOOHOO Deal May Be A "Black Hole"

A Washington think tank devoted to antitrust issues has issued a 19-page analysis of the Google-Yahoo deal that warns that the transaction has the potential to become "a black hole that swallows up Yahoo."

"We believe that the transaction could be blocked on antitrust grounds," according to the report by the American Antitrust Institute, which conducted its analysis based on briefings with the companies and publicly available data.

Under the deal announced on June 12, Google would provide some of the ads for Yahoo's search engine, yielding as much as $800 million annually for Yahoo. Yahoo says it will pour that money into improving its own search engine -- in other words, partnering with Google to get more competitive with Google.

Read more: washingtonpost.com Posted by Picasa

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Think Tank: GOOHOO Deal May Be A "Black Hole" - -

Google Extends Book Search to E-tail Partners

Seeking greater visibility for its Book Search engine, Google is making it easier for retailers, libraries and publishers to provide that service's capabilities on their own Web sites.

Via free code snippets and APIs (application programming interfaces), Google is allowing Web sites to display Book Search previews, most of which will allow potential buyers to browse up to 20 percent of a book's contents, Google announced on Monday.

Some retailers are already taking advantage of the program, including Books-A-Million, Blackwell Bookshop in the U.K., A1Books in India, Libreria Norma in Colombia, Van Stockum in the Netherlands and Livraria Cultura in Brazil.

Read more: pcworld.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Extends Book Search to E-tail Partners - -

Google Analytics Reporting Suite 3.2 Beta

Building the Analytics Reporting Suite for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web service to help businesses figure out where their visitors come from and how they interact with their sites. Google Analytics Reporting Suite is an Adobe AIR application that brings Google Analytics to the desktop.

Requires Adobe AIR

Download: Google Analytics Reporting Suite 3.2 Beta Posted by Picasa

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Google Analytics Reporting Suite 3.2 Beta - Friday, September 19, 2008 -

Sergey Brin, Google’s Cofounder, Writes On Blog About Parkinson’s Risk

In a post on its newly opened blog, Too, Sergey Brin, one of the two co-founders of Google, has decided to speak about a sensitive issue: he carries a specific gene mutation that increases his likelihood of contracting Parkinson’s disease.

Sergey Brin has discovered through 23andMe, the genetics testing start-up co-founded by his wife, Anne Wojcicki, that he carries a particular mutation of the LRRK2, the gene responsible for Parkinson’s. The mutation, known as G2019S, is rare even among people with the disease, but in some ethnic groups, accounts for a substantial proportion of familial Parkinson's.

Based on these findings, Sergey Brin said that he has higher chance of developing Parkinson's in his lifetime than the average person.

“In fact, it is somewhere between 20% to 80% depending on the study and how you measure,” he wrote.

Brin’s mother, who already has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, carries the same genetic mutation.

Read more: efluxmedia.com Posted by Picasa

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Sergey Brin, Google’s Cofounder, Writes On Blog About Parkinson’s Risk - -

Google CEO: Yahoo Wedding Is On

While Google is bracing for a fight with government regulators and rival Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) to get the stamp of regulatory approval for its advertising pact with Yahoo (NSDQ:YHOO), CEO Eric Schmidt Wednesday said that the search engine behemoth is moving full steam ahead with its plans.

The European Union in July launched its own investigation regarding potential antitrust issues and the effect the Google (NSDQ:GOOG)/Yahoo deal could have on the European Economic Area market.

Schmidt told reporters Wednesday that he thinks that the company does not need specific U.S. government approval, and that any delay will cause the search engines to lose money in advertising revenue. Schmidt also said he expects that the plan will be implemented around October 11.

The controversy surrounding the deal stems from Google's disclosure in June that it inked a non-exclusive advertising agreement providing Yahoo with access to Google's AdSense program for search and AdSense for content advertising programs on Yahoo's U.S. and Canadian Web properties.

Read more: crn.com Posted by Picasa

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Google CEO: Yahoo Wedding Is On - Thursday, September 18, 2008 -

Google Launches Audio Indexing

As the Web becomes more sophisticated and audio and video becomes a more important part of our online lives, we need something that will help us sift through the junk and find what we’re looking for in all that content. To address that, Google announced Wednesday that it has launched audio indexing in Google Labs.

Dubbed GAudi, the new service is designed to work with YouTube, and will catalog all the words uttered during an audio or video clip. Once collected, the transcript will be added to a searchable database that can be accessed in much the same way you search for text-based websites.

But before you start wondering if Google has indexed your latest vlog, don’t get too excited. According to the company, GAudi is only in beta at this point and during that time, it will only index audio and video from political sources.

Read more: techcrunch.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Launches Audio Indexing - -

Report: Google to buy Valve Software

Google is on the brink of buying noted video game maker Valve Software, according to a report in The Inquirer that cites "well-placed sources."

Bellevue, Wash.-based Valve rose to prominence through games such as its Half Life series, but The Inquirer's Charlie Demerjian speculates the reason Google would be most interested in the company is its Steam Powered technology, a multipurpose online hub with throngs of users.

That rationale makes some sense to me as well, in part because getting into the video game business in and of itself doesn't sound terribly well aligned with Google's mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." Steam is an online foundation for selling and distributing games, updating patches, enabling multiplayer online chat, and using digital rights management to control who has permission to use elements like game versions or game terrain.

Read more: news.cnet.com Posted by Picasa

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Report: Google to buy Valve Software - -

Tesla Motors to build plant, headquarters in San Jose

An incentive package prompts the electric car maker to build its plant and offices there.

Tesla Motors Inc., aiming to be the first high-volume maker of electric cars, plans to build a $250-million plant to produce sedans in San Jose and move its headquarters to the same facility.

The factory initially will employ about 1,000 people and be able to produce 15,000 cars a year when it opens in late 2010, Chief Executive Ze'ev Drori said Wednesday.

Construction costs will be more than $100 million. As part of an incentive package from the state, California will buy and lease to Tesla assembly machinery valued at about the same amount, he said.

Full article: latimes.com Posted by Picasa

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Tesla Motors to build plant, headquarters in San Jose - -

Google Maps Introduces Walking Directions and Street View for Mobile Users

If the infusion of walking directions in Google Maps interests you, and you don’t mind the privacy concerns voiced about Google’s Street View, and you happen to have a Web-enabled mobile phone on hand, you may be glad to know Google Maps for Mobile is now newly improved with both these features.

As logic would have it, walking directions and Street View compliment each another well. For city residents, walking directions can naturally give you a less circuitous route to your intended destination. Google’s engine isn’t always the best utility to devise pedestrian ways with efficiency in mind, but it’s bound to improve. Street View, in turn, allows you to see where it is your chosen path will lead. On a map that otherwise continuously sports a bird’s-eye view, the inclusion of ground-level roadside captures is pretty much a no-brainer. Bound together, they make for a supremely attractive couple.

Read more: mashable.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Maps Introduces Walking Directions and Street View for Mobile Users - -

Google Chrome Backup

Google Chrome (web browser) has just hit the world. Google Chrome Backup is a small tool to create, backup, restore and manage Google Chrome profiles. The profile holds personal data like history, bookmarks, etc. Everything is done with one click. Latest version also supports Chromium, which modified version of Google Chrome, for portable use.

Download: Google Chrome Backup 1.3.0 Posted by Picasa

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Google Chrome Backup - Tuesday, September 16, 2008 -

Android phone shown in London, to be announced on September 23?

Chicago (IL) – The wait for Google’s first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, is almost over. The usually well-informed Wall Street Journal reports that T-Mobile will be announcing the device next week, while European developers are pretty certain that they have seen the device already – at a Google developer event held at London’s Wembley stadium earlier today.

Relieving news for all those who hardly can sit still in anticipation of Google’s first phone: The HTC Dream, the pilot model for what is expected to become a big family of Google Android devices, is apparently ready and will be announced by T-Mobile on September 23. It appears that the device will go on sale sometime in October. There is no information on a possible price of the HTC Dream.

Read more: tgdaily.com Posted by Picasa

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Android phone shown in London, to be announced on September 23? - -

Google TV: This Is Only a Test

Google’s partnership last week with NBCU marked a huge leap forward for the search giant’s television advertising business. The multi-year advertising partnership gives Google permission to sell a portion of NBC Universal’s advertising inventory. But the deal seems less about Google’s expanded reach and more about the search giant getting the opportunity to show if it can turn the business upside down.

Working with NBC Universal gives Google access to inventory on channels like Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, and Sci-Fi. But according to Ad Age, NBCU views the partnership as a small experiment that could help the media company transition into a multiple model for selling its advertising.

Read more: wired.com Posted by Picasa

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Google TV: This Is Only a Test - Monday, September 15, 2008 -

Newspapers of the World: Google-Yahoo Ad Deal is Unfair

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) is not happy with the fact that Google will start serving ads to Yahoo, and they’ve asked the US Department of Justice, the European Commission and the Competition Bureau of Canada to block the deal. This is pretty much along the lines with what Microsoft’s been saying about this deal, and they’re likely to support WAN on this one, so Google and Yahoo now have some very strong opposition working against them.

WAN’s president Gavin O’Reilly is surprisingly factual in his comments about the complaint: “The proposed advertising deal between Google and Yahoo would seriously weaken that competition, resulting in less revenues and higher prices for our members. WAN is also concerned that this deal would give Google unwarranted market power over important segments of online advertising. Advertisers will increasingly migrate to Google since they will see diminishing price advantages to advertising through Yahoo.

Read more: mashable.com Posted by Picasa

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Newspapers of the World: Google-Yahoo Ad Deal is Unfair - -

Google Gears Now Available for Safari

Safari for Mac users don’t have to suffer from PC envy any longer when it comes to their browser, thanks to the announcement of Google Gears for Safari, which allows users to browse some of their favorite websites without a connection to the Web.

For example, Safari for Mac (Leopard 10.5.3 or Tiger 10.4.11) will now be able to access all Gears-enabled sites such as Zoho Office, WordPress, the new YouTube uploader, and Google Docs without Internet access. This is ideal when traveling where you might not necessarily have access to a reliable connection, and helps makes Web-based office apps a more viable alternative to desktop apps.

Read more: mashable.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Gears Now Available for Safari - -

Google Funds Startup to Bring Cheap Satellite Internet to 3 Billion People

New company will use unique scheme to dramatically cut costs, deliver high speed internet to remote locations

While over 80 percent of Americans are online, broadband adoption is growing slower than expected. The problem stems from the fiber optics business. Buoyed by high demand and exuberance, fiber optic companies laid down high speed cables across the oceans to support the data demands of hungry 3G and cable internet networks.

After these cables were laid the demand slacked off predictably, leaving the fiber optic companies with little revenue and high debts. Many were bought up by larger companies and consolidated. In the aftermath, over 3 billion people were left without access to high speed networks and new installations reduced to a crawl. The only alternative was geosatellite, which costs a whopping $4,000 USD per megabit per month.

Read more: dailytech.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Funds Startup to Bring Cheap Satellite Internet to 3 Billion People - Friday, September 12, 2008 -

Yahoo plans a more social, open homepage design

Yahoo may be planning for social network domination, but that hasn't stopped the struggling search and content portal from announcing a major redesign of its homepage. It's the first redesign in over two years, during which time Yahoo has taken a financial beating, so it's safe to assume that the company has high hopes that this will rejuvenate one of its fundamental properties.

The most significant change Yahoo will offer is a much more customizable version of its homepage, powered by the "widgets" that are popular on similar content portals and social networking sites like iGoogle and Facebook.

Read more: arstechnica.com Posted by Picasa

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Yahoo plans a more social, open homepage design - -

YouTube placates pols, cracks down on "terrorist" videos

Back in May, YouTube and its parent, Google, came under fire from Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) for allegedly harboring videos produced by Al Qaeda. On Wednesday, YouTube took a step to address these concerns, modifying its community guidelines to prohibit the posting of content that incites violence. Although Lieberman applauded the move, the fine line between violent content and news and proliferation of Internet video sites suggest that the whole exchange has more to do with PR than the fight against terrorism.
YouTube rebuffs senator's demands to remove Islamist videos

Lieberman's initial complaint focused on the presence of the Al Qaeda logo on "dozens" of videos found on YouTube. His open letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt charged that, "Islamist terrorist organizations use YouTube to disseminate their propaganda, enlist followers, and provide weapons training." Lieberman highlighted the community guidelines of YouTube, which prohibit "gratuitous violence," in calling for the removal of any videos produced by terrorist organizations. Some videos identified by Lieberman's staff were removed, but not all of them violated YouTube's standards, and so many remained.

Full story: arstechnica.com Posted by Picasa

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YouTube placates pols, cracks down on "terrorist" videos - -

Google outlines the future of search

More mobile, more visual, more social

Google has been revealing ways in which search can evolve to better meet users' needs.

Over the next three weeks, 10 of Google's search experts will be sharing their views on how search should evolve.

Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google, said in the first of the blog postings that search should always be available no matter the user's location, and should respond to more than just keywords.

One "far-fetched idea" is for a wearable device that can listen to conversations, carry out searches in the background and then flash the relevant facts to the user.

Read more: vnunet.com Posted by Picasa

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Google outlines the future of search - Thursday, September 11, 2008 -

Google Chrome ignites browser speed race

Analysis – You may have decided against a switch to Chrome (at least market share data indicates that Chrome is losing share quickly again), but there is a good chance you won’t get rid of the browser entirely. We guess you may even launch it from time to time, especially when IE or Firefox get stuck. Whatever Chrome’s future path may be, its responsiveness and speed have left a lasting impression that will stick. Other browser makers took notice and are working on faster browsers as well: Firefox 3.1, scheduled for a late 2008 release, comes with TraceMonkey and Web Workers, two key technologies that could easily render Chrome's speed gains obsolete. TG Daily had a close look on what to expect from the current speed race and next-gen browsers.

Google's Chrome caused controversial discussions, both for its advantages and apparent lack of advanced features. But critics and fans agree that this thing is fast, really fast. You may be wondering why speed matters since your current browser already loads web pages in a snap. But here is the deal: Today’s web sites are not collections of individual pages anymore. You are probably using web applications on an everyday basis - on sites like Facebook or Google Docs. As more computing services move to the cloud, web applications are becoming more powerful and desktop-like. In this sense, a browser becomes an operating system for web applications and needs to do much more than take advantage of a broadband connection.

Full article: tgdaily.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Chrome ignites browser speed race - -

Yahoo announces social networking app for iPhone

SAN FRANCISCO--Yahoo on Wednesday released a preview version of a free new iPhone application called OneConnect that can centralize communications and social-networking activity.

"OneConnect allows everybody to keep connected to the persons they care about. It's a socially connected address book," said said Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Yahoo Connected Life, in a speech here at the CTIA Wireless show. "The address book now comes to life."

Read more: cnet.com Posted by Picasa

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Yahoo announces social networking app for iPhone - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 -

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