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Google Answers Ends Its Run

If you have a question for Google Answers, you better hurry up and ask it. Later this week, Google will shut down the service, which allowed people to pose questions, for a fee, in the hopes of getting the perfect answer.

The company has no plans to replace Google Answers directly, but believes "there is value in enabling people to help others in answering their questions," according to a company spokeswoman.

"While many people used and valued Google Answers, Google had reached a point with the product to recognize there may be a better way to meet these individuals' needs," the company said in a statement to internetnews.com.

The decision to eliminate Google Answers is a response to competing services offered by Yahoo and MSN, Gartner analyst Allen Weiner said. Unlike MSN (Quote) and Yahoo (Quote), Google charged users. Paying for answers enabled high-quality responses, the company argued.

In a blog post, Google explained the Answers service was an experiment. "Sometimes it means reconsidering our goals for a product," according to the official blog.

Read more: internetnews.com Posted by Picasa
Google Answers Ends Its Run - Thursday, November 30, 2006 -

Google Toolbar 4.0.1020.6156

Google Toolbar is a popular browser add-on for Internet Explorer that makes it possible to quickly perform Google Web searches, prevent annoying pop-up ads from appearing, and fill in Web forms with one simple click.

Take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web

• Add buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite sites.
• Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere
• Search smarter with instant suggestions as you type in the search box

• Share web pages with friends via blog, email, or SMS

More Features
• Block annoying pop-ups
• Fill out web forms with one click
• Translate pages into English instantly
• Check your spelling in webmail messages

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP
• Internet Explorer 6.0+

Download: Google Toolbar 4.0.1020.6156
Google Toolbar 4.0.1020.6156 - Wednesday, November 29, 2006 -

YouTube coming to mobiles

All you can watch for flat monthly fee

Subscribers to US mobile network Verizon will soon be able to access YouTube content on their phones for a flat monthly fee.

Verizon subscribers will be provided with a sampling of the most popular Youtube movies. While the service itself is free, it requires a $15 monthly subscription to the operator's 3G EV-DO wireless network technology dubbed V Cast and a compatible handset.

Read more: vnunet.com Posted by Picasa
YouTube coming to mobiles - -

Google Pack 1.4.681.27779 Beta

Google Pack is a free collection of essential software from Google and other companies. The software in the Google Pack helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more.

Google Pack is:

• Essential: Enjoy safe, useful software for your computer
• Simple: Download and install everything in just a few clicks
• Customizable: Choose only the software you want
• Up to date: Get updates and new software via Google Updater

Google Pack is only available for Windows XP

Download: Google Pack 1.4.681.27779 Beta Posted by Picasa
Google Pack 1.4.681.27779 Beta - Saturday, November 25, 2006 -

GButts 1.4.6

GButts display all of your Google Services as buttons just next to the adressbar or anywhere you like it!

You can go to settings to change which services should be available for you as buttons.
Left click on a button opens the service in the current tab, middle click opens a new tab.

Download: GButts 1.4.6 Posted by Picasa
GButts 1.4.6 - Wednesday, November 22, 2006 -

Google improves Book Search

Google has announced several new features and improvements in Google Book Search.

Google Book Search allows you to search for literary works, some of which you can then view in full. However, the issue of copyright has been a problem for Google in this particular project, meaning that many search results consist purely of bibliographic information about the text.

Changes include the ability to zoom in and out on text and images, and a general tidying up of the interface.

"We've tried to tidy up the clutter to leave as much room as possible for what's important — the book," said Nathan Naze, a software engineer at Google.

Read more: webuser.co.uk Posted by Picasa
Google improves Book Search - -

Google Translator Interface Platinum 2.5

Google Translator Interface is a free multilingual translation interface, that uses the Google translation engine. A powerful, non-invasive and easy to use assistant that satisfies your translation needs.

New feature: automatic copy-to-clipboard translation.

Google Translator Interface is Free. For Windows XP+

Download: Google Translator Interface Platinum 2.5 | Screenshot Posted by Picasa
Google Translator Interface Platinum 2.5 - -

Google 'needs' Microsoft for enterprise success

Share and share alike...

Google is ramping up its enterprise offering with the planned release of its paid-for email domain hosting service, potentially by the end of this year, to complement a suite of productivity tools.

And although Google claims it has already seen "tens of thousands" of small businesses opt for its beta service over rival offerings such as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange the big picture here is not Google v Microsoft, it claims – in fact Google wants, and needs, Microsoft to succeed with releases such as Office 2007.

Dave Girouard, VP and general manager of Google Enterprise, told silicon.com: "It's not really our intention to take a bite out of Microsoft. My belief is the real opportunity is there for companies to use both."

Girouard said even within Google that is the case, expressing the belief that businesses will find a balance that works best for them.

"There will be times when it makes perfect sense to use Google products and there are times when it makes perfect sense to use Microsoft products," he said, adding that Google's hosted apps will typically fit where greater collaboration is needed".

Full story: silicon.com Posted by Picasa
Google 'needs' Microsoft for enterprise success - -

Google Launches Web Book Reader

Firing a shot over Adobe's bow, Google on Wednesday launched a Web-based application for reading books digitized by the company's Book Search project. Like Google Maps and Gmail, the interactive tool works directly in a Web browser and supports zooming as well as a fullscreen mode.

Books that are available through the search can still be downloaded in PDF format, but Google's online utility replaces the need for the bulky Adobe Reader. Users can switch to a two-page view that appears like a physical book, or read one page per screen like a standard Web page. Scrolling through the book is instant using the mouse.

Full article: BetaNews Posted by Picasa
Google Launches Web Book Reader - -

Google adds sitemaps to webmaster tools

Google is making it easier for webmasters to make sure their articles get on Google News with their newly-announced Sitemaps for Google News tool. Sitemaps for Google News is an XML-based, open source protocol that is supposed to allow for greater control over Google crawls as well as more useful data about what gets included and why.

Sitemaps for Google News is only for Google News publishers, and sites that are included in Google News can either use their RSS feeds or define a more specific sitemap of news articles that they want Google to index. Webmasters can specify exact publication dates and times as well as relevant keywords. This adds an extra layer of control—in addition to improved ease-of-use—on top of what is possible through the use of robots.txt to instruct Google on how to index a site's contents.

Read more: arstechnica.com Posted by Picasa
Google adds sitemaps to webmaster tools - -

GUtil! 0.5.2

GUtil! is a Mozilla Firefox Extension that can help you access your Google account services faster.

This version includes a toolbar button in your Firefox Toolbar, and the option to hide the GUtil! menu from the extension's option box.

Features are added to the plugin on user request.

Download: GUtil! 0.5.2 Posted by Picasa
GUtil! 0.5.2 - Sunday, November 19, 2006 -

Google Web Toolkit 1.2

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers who don't speak browser quirks as a second language. Writing dynamic web applications today is a tedious and error-prone process; you spend 90% of your time working around subtle incompatabilities between web browsers and platforms, and JavaScript's lack of modularity makes sharing, testing, and reusing AJAX components difficult and fragile.

GWT lets you avoid many of these headaches while offering your users the same dynamic, standards-compliant experience. You write your front end in the Java programming language, and the GWT compiler converts your Java classes to browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML.

Download: Google Web Toolkit 1.2 Posted by Picasa
Google Web Toolkit 1.2 - -

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft team up on web indexes

Search engine rivals Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are teaming up to make it easier for website owners to make sure their sites get included in the web indexes, the companies are expected to announce on Thursday.

The companies are adopting Google's Sitemaps protocol, available since June 2005, which allows website owners to feed their pages manually to Google and to check whether their sites have been crawled. Website owners have had to follow similar processes at each of the other major search engines separately.

Now, website owners will be able to go to one place for alerting the search engines to their web pages, something they have been requesting for some time, said Tim Mayer, director of product management at Yahoo Search.

"In the first joint and open initiative to improve the web crawl process for search engines, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft today announced support for Sitemaps 0.90, a free and easy way for webmasters to notify search engines about their websites and be indexed more comprehensively and efficiently, resulting in better representation in search indices," a joint news release said. "For users, Sitemaps enables higher quality, fresher search results."

Read more: ZDNet.co.uk Posted by Picasa
Google, Yahoo, Microsoft team up on web indexes - Thursday, November 16, 2006 -

Microsoft flags Gmail as a virus

Gmail's popularity may be viral, but the e-mail software is not a virus--despite a Microsoft alert.

From late last week until Sunday night, the Windows Live OneCare security software incorrectly flagged the Google e-mail service as a threat. A warning popped up when OneCare users opened the Gmail Web site, telling them that their systems were infected with a virus called "BAT/BWG.A."

"This was a limited false positive issue with our antivirus protection," a Microsoft representative said Monday. "After we became aware of the issue, we released a new antivirus signature that resolved the issue for our customers on Sunday evening."

The problem started last week, when Google made some changes to its Gmail Web site, Microsoft said. The software maker is reviewing its procedures and processes in order to minimize the occurrence of further false positives, the Microsoft representative said.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Full story: CNET News.com Posted by Picasa
Microsoft flags Gmail as a virus - Tuesday, November 14, 2006 -

Google Updates Apps For Domains

Google is not a portal company, but the brainiacs at the Googleplex are happy to build one for your organization or small business. They just prefer you call it a "start page."

Starting today, Google is updating its Google Apps for Your Domain product, Mike Horowitz, Google's product manager, told internetnews.com.

The new start page is based on Google's Custom Home Page. It is supposed to be a central access point for Google Apps for Your Domain, a product Google launched in August.

As internetnews.com previously reported, Google Apps for Your Domain includes tools for communicating and collaborating in the enterprise, such as Gmail Web e-mail, instant messaging, voice calling and collaborative calendering.

The service also includes Web page design, publishing and hosting via Google Page Creator.

The standard package also includes 2 gigabytes of e-mail storage for each user, customization tools and help for administrators via e-mail or an online help center.

Full article: internetnews.com Posted by Picasa
Google Updates Apps For Domains - Monday, November 13, 2006 -

Google Toolbar 4.0.1020.5070

Google Toolbar is a popular browser add-on for Internet Explorer that makes it possible to quickly perform Google Web searches, prevent annoying pop-up ads from appearing, and fill in Web forms with one simple click.

• Bookmark frequently visited pages
and access them from anywhere

• Search smarter with instant suggestions
as you type in the search box

• Add buttons to the Toolbar
to search your favorite sites.

• Share web pages with friends
via blog, email, or SMS

• Google Account Sign-in
Your Google Account is your access point for Google services like Personalized Homepage, Google Groups and Gmail – and now you can sign in and out right from your Toolbar.

More Features
• Block annoying pop-ups
• Fill out web forms with one click
• Translate pages into English instantly
• Check your spelling in webmail messages

Download: Google Toolbar 4.0.1020.5070 Windows 98/ME/2000/XP & IE 6.0+ Posted by Picasa
Google Toolbar 4.0.1020.5070 - Friday, November 10, 2006 -

Google could help doctors diagnose illnesses

Search engine correct 58 per cent of the time

Google searches could help doctors to diagnose the illnesses of patients with unusual symptoms, according to a new medical research study.

Based on a sample of 26 past medical cases - including Creutzfeld Jakob Disease (CJD) and Cushing's syndrome - the research found that Google made the correct diagnosis in 15 of them (58 per cent) when the symptoms were entered into the search engine.

That still leaves 42 per cent of cases where the diagnosis wasn't correct but the Australian doctors who conducted the study said in some of those cases Google gave the correct diagnosis but it wasn't specific enough to be considered correct for the purpose of the research.

Read more: silicon.com Posted by Picasa
Google could help doctors diagnose illnesses - -

Google accidentally sends out e-mail worm

Google on Tuesday inadvertently sent the Kama Sutra e-mail worm to the 50,000 subscribers of a Google Video e-mail group.

Three postings were made Tuesday evening to an e-mail list that sends out postings to the Google Video blog. "Some of these posts may have contained a virus called W32/Kapser.A@mm--a mass-mailing worm," Google said in a note on its Web site apologizing for the incident.

W32/Kapser.A is better known as the Kama Sutra worm. Some antivirus companies raised an alarm about the threat in February, but it ultimately shriveled. Kama Sutra was designed to overwrite files on infected computers on a specific date. However, the worm, which spread under the guise of pornographic content, caused virtually no damage.

Read more: CNET News.com Posted by Picasa
Google accidentally sends out e-mail worm - Thursday, November 09, 2006 -

Google Wants to Make Search History Portable

SAN FRANCISCO – About a thousand Internet digerati (developers, executives and media types) crowded into the swank Palace Hotel here for the opening of the sold-out Web 2.0 Summit to rub elbows with big industry names, get a sneak peak at some new services and try and keep current with the fast-changing business.

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO and Chairman, answered questions about industry trends and his company specifically, in an onstage conversation with John Battelle, author of a recent book on the search giant.

With Google famous for storing everything a user does at its various sites, Schmidt was asked if it might someday be possible for users to export their search history to another site such as Yahoo.

"We would like to be able to do that .. .it's the equivalent of member portability," said Schmidt. He added that such portability could act like a pressure valve to keep companies honest and doing the best they can to satisfy users and minimize, if not eliminate, bad practices.

Asked about standing up to the government's request for search data earlier this year, Schmidt said what the government was asking for "a complete violation of privacy. Thank god a federal judge saw the wisdom our argument and made the right outcome."

In the future, Schmidt said the company will always follow the law and the orders of a federal judge even if it conflicts with the Google's privacy statutes. "If we're against something we'll take it to a judge, but we're citizens and subjects to the laws of the land."

Full article: internetnews.com Posted by Picasa
Google Wants to Make Search History Portable - Wednesday, November 08, 2006 -

YouTube to go mobile with Verizon?

Invention of the year

Video sharing site YouTube looks set to expand from the web onto mobile phones, with speculation that a deal with telecoms firm Verizon is close to agreement.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "advanced" talks are taking place between the companies to bring YouTube's videos to mobile phones and TV.

Under the new deal, YouTube videos could become available as part of an on-demand TV service it plans to launch in the US, while Verizon's mobile customers will be able to view YouTube content through the V Cast service.

This partnership could move both Verizon and YouTube into new markets and is yet another example of the increasing convergence between telecoms and the internet.

Full article: The Register Posted by Picasa
YouTube to go mobile with Verizon? - -

Google sweating to make YouTube legit

Attempts to avoid another Napster?

Google is trying to persuade traditional media companies to come aboard the good ship YouTube and supply their content to the video website.

According to Google, CBS, Sony BMG, Vivendi Universal Music and Warner Music Group have all signed deals to feature their video content on YouTube in the past month.

A spokeswoman for Google said: "Google is always talking to potential partners about how to make the most of the opportunities provided by the net."

YouTube has been taking the world by storm since it launched in late 2005 and a deal with the likes of Warner Music could ward off potentially damaging lawsuits.

YouTube has already faced a lawsuit claiming it encouraged users to violate copyright law.

Read more: silicon.com Posted by Picasa
Google sweating to make YouTube legit - Sunday, November 05, 2006 -

Google Web Accelerator Beta

Google Web Accelerator works with your browser to help web pages show up in a snap.

Google Web Accelerator is...

‣ Designed for Broadband – Web pages load even more quickly on DSL and cable connections

‣ Easy to use – Simply install and enjoy faster web browsing in seconds

System Requirements
Operating System: Win XP or Win 2000 SP3+
Browser: IE 5.5+ or Firefox 1.0+

Download: Google Web Accelerator Beta Posted by Picasa
Google Web Accelerator Beta - Saturday, November 04, 2006 -

Google Earth 4.0.2416 Beta

The idea is simple. It’s a globe that sits inside your PC. You point and zoom to anyplace on the planet that you want to explore. Satellite images and local facts zoom into view. Tap into Google search to show local points of interest and facts. Zoom to a specific address to check out an apartment or hotel. View driving directions and even fly along your route. We invite you to try it now.

Google Earth is free for personal use. No registration is required. You may (optionally) choose to upgrade to Google Earth Plus.


• Free for personal use.
• Sophisticated streaming technology delivers the data to you as you need it.
• Imagery and 3D data depict the entire earth - Terabytes of aerial and satellite imagery depict cities around the world in high-resolution detail.
• Local search lets you search for restaurants, hotels, and even driving directions. Results show in your 3D earth view. Easy to layer multiple searches, save results to folders, and share with others.
• Layers show parks, schools, hospitals, airports, shopping, and more.
• KML – data exchange format let your share useful annotations and view. thousands of data points created by Google Earth users.

Use it for:

-Planning a trip
-Getting driving directions
-Finding a house or apartment
-Finding a local business
-Exploring the world

Download: Google Earth 4.0.2416 Beta Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, Linux Posted by Picasa
Google Earth 4.0.2416 Beta - Thursday, November 02, 2006 -

Google launches new mobile Gmail

Google launched on Thursday a version of Gmail for mobile devices that lets U.S. users do in two clicks what previously took them 10 or more.

Gmail for Mobile Devices is a free, downloadable Java application that will work on any Java-enabled mobile phone, of which there are about 300 in the United States, said Tony Hsieh, product manager for Google Mobile.

The software improves on a version of Gmail released nearly a year ago that lets people access their e-mail through a mobile Web browser. Once the new Java application is installed on a phone, a person can quickly launch Gmail instead of having to open a mobile browser and wait for it to load before signing in, Hsieh said.

Read more: CNET News.com Posted by Picasa
Google launches new mobile Gmail - -

YouTube to call on your cell phone

YouTube, the popular online video sharing site, said on Wednesday it hopes to launch a service for wireless devices within a year.

Chad Hurley, YouTube chief executive and co-founder, told an advertising conference that offering video services on mobile phones was a key opportunity for the company.

"Within the next year we hope to have something on a mobile device, it's going to be a huge market, especially for the video mind-set we're dealing with, it's a natural transition," Hurley said.

Full article: ZDNet News Posted by Picasa
YouTube to call on your cell phone - -

Google thanks bug hunters

Google is giving friendly bug hunters an ego-boost.

A new page, quietly added to Google's corporate Web site last month, gives information on the security and safety of the company's Web properties. It also includes a list of people and organizations that Google wishes to thank for reporting security vulnerabilities to it.

That's a first among major Web companies, security researchers say.

"We want to thank those people for doing the right thing. I wanted to make sure we gave them lots of public 'geek cred,'" Douglas Merrill, vice president of engineering at Google, said in an interview. "The security researchers I know are partially in it for the geek credibility of it--the 'Hey! Look what I did. I am cool.'"

Traditional software makers typically use a note in their security advisories to give credit to people who find vulnerabilities in their products. But in the Web 2.0 world of online applications there are no such alerts, which are primarily meant to inform users about the security flaws and get them to install the available patch. Most of Google's services don't rely on people having its programs loaded on their desktops, so it mainly has to patch software on its own end.

"With Web-based software, e-mail alerts or bulletins do not fit the model," said Jeremiah Grossman, chief technology officer at WhiteHat Security, which specializes in Web application flaws and protection. "When a Web software company pushes security fixes, users don't have to patch." Grossman is one of the people thanked by Google on its Web site.

Full article: ZDNet Posted by Picasa
Google thanks bug hunters - Wednesday, November 01, 2006 -

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