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Google Thinks It Knows Your Friends

“Reader and Talk are Friends!”

That’s how Google announced earlier this month on one of its corporate blogs the expansion of the sharing features in Google Reader, the company’s service for viewing blogs. The feature didn’t win Google a lot of friends.

Several bloggers and users have sounded the alarm about this, with some justification.

Here’s what the brouhaha is about. For some time now, Google has allowed you to share with your friends blog posts you view using Reader. You got to select the items you wanted shared and you got to choose your friends. When you marked a new item as shared, your friends who use Reader would see it. (Technically, your shared items were on a public Web page, so they could have been seen by others who are not your friends, if those people could figure out how to find that page.)

Full story: nytimes.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Thinks It Knows Your Friends - Thursday, December 27, 2007 -

Google Phone In Spring 2008?

Google, apparently has taken substantial amount of floor space at the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, leading some to speculate that the company might actually be ready to launch its Android based phones.

While there is certainly an outside chance of the Google Phone launch, the more realistic and plausible scenario will be Google showing off a few prototype handsets. HTC, is the only handset maker that has publicly said that a device will be available in late 2008.

Read more: gigaom.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Phone In Spring 2008? - -

Microsoft's failed case against Google + DoubleClick revealed

A set of policy position documents reportedly authored by Microsoft made the case that Google could use DoubleClick's advertising network to peer into competitors' traffic -- a position the FTC apparently rejected last week.

Last week, The New York Times blogger Louise Story released copies of a series of documents reportedly shared between Microsoft and US Federal Trade Commission members prior to their decision on the Google + DoubleClick merger. The documents reveal that Microsoft was willing to characterize its own competitive position in the Internet advertising market, both before and after a merger took place, as tenuous and perhaps even unsustainable, in order to distinguish itself against what it described to be a larger, perhaps predatory, competitor.

Full story: betanews.com Posted by Picasa

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Microsoft's failed case against Google + DoubleClick revealed - -

Japan's DoCoMo May Partner With Google

Google (NSDQ:GOOG) and Japanese mobile phone carrier NTT DoCoMo are considering a partnership to provide DoCoMo's subscribers with Google search functionality on their phones, Reuters reports. The deal would give Google access to DoCoMo's "i-Mode" mobile network, which boasts 48 million users.

The partnership could also boost DoCoMo market share. Although its 53 million subscribers make it Japan's largest mobile carrier, the company has struggled to grow amongst newer, smaller competitors like Softbank. It could also give Google a regional boost, where the company trails Yahoo subsidiary Yahoo Japan Corp. as the leading search engine.

Read more: crn.com Posted by Picasa

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Japan's DoCoMo May Partner With Google - -

Google still top dog in November

Google Sites top property with 5.9 billion core searches

Google Sites remained the top search property among the core search engines in November, according to figures from comScore.

Some 5.9 billion core searches were conducted via Google during the month, representing 58.6 per cent share of the search market, virtually the same as in October.

Yahoo Sites ranked second with 22.4 per cent, followed by Microsoft Sites with 9.8 per cent and Ask Network with 4.6 per cent.

Read more: vnunet.com Posted by Picasa

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Google still top dog in November - -

British monarchy makes YouTube debut

Queen delivers Christmas message online for the first time

YouTube is now playing host to "The Royal Channel", billed as the official channel of the British monarchy.

Introduced 50 years after Queen Elizabeth II's first television broadcast to her subjects, the channel showcases the Queen's Christmas messages past and present, and includes documentary footage about the monarchy.

"One of the features of growing old is a heightened awareness of change," said the Queen, now aged 81, in the 2007 Christmas message featured on the YouTube channel.

In her lifetime, the British monarchy has steadily adopted new technologies in an effort to reach a wider public.

Her grandfather, King George V, made his first Christmas radio broadcast to the nation in 1932.

The Queen introduced her 1957 Christmas message , recorded in black and white, by saying she hoped the technology would bring her closer to her subjects.

"I very much hope that this new medium will make my Christmas message more personal and direct," she said then.

Full article: infoworld.com Posted by Picasa

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British monarchy makes YouTube debut - Wednesday, December 26, 2007 -

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Season's Greetings with a Google Doodle Posted by Picasa

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! - Monday, December 24, 2007 -

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo to Pay $31.5M Over Illegal Gambling Ads

Microsoft to Provide Additional $9M to International Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Three major Internet companies have settled with the Justice Department for $31.5 million for promoting illegal online gambling, a U.S. attorney in Missouri announced Wednesday.

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo will set up a fund to air public service announcements informing young people that online gambling in the United States is illegal.

Google will pay the government $3 million and Yahoo will pay $7.5 million for their participation in advertising online gambling on their search engines.

Microsoft will pay $21 million. As part of the settlement, Microsoft will also provide $9 million to the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Full story: abcnews.com Posted by Picasa

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Microsoft, Google, Yahoo to Pay $31.5M Over Illegal Gambling Ads - Friday, December 21, 2007 -

♫ Deck The Halls With Google Gadgets… ♫

Another day, another Google announcement, and this one fits right in to the silly season. Google is offering Christmas themed gadgets for Google Desktop and iGoogle users who want to spruce up their desktops with holiday kitsch.

Read more: techcrunch.com Posted by Picasa

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♫ Deck The Halls With Google Gadgets… ♫ - -

Google Discontinues Inline Gadgets

Google earlier this month announced they’ll stop allowing new gadgets for iGoogle which are using the “html-inline” functionality. An inline gadget, as opposed to a normal gadget, can have more control over the full iGoogle page as it is not wrapped in an inline frame. Typical uses of an inline gadget may be changing the Google logo, creating a themes directory gadget, or uncluttering the iGoogle homepage by removing certain links... in other words, all the kind of stuff you need to do when you want to “break out” of your iframe. As you can imagine, this may pose security risks, in particular when it comes to Google account kidnapping (even though Google did have some preventions against that).

Read more: blogoscoped.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Discontinues Inline Gadgets - Thursday, December 20, 2007 -

FCC reveals 700MHz auction bidders

In a release from the FCC earlier this week, Google is confirmed as one of the 700MHz spectrum would-be bidders, together with mainstream telcos Verizon Wireless and AT&T. The list of interested parties - separated into those who have fully completed their applications and those who must still do so prior to the January 4th deadline - does not indicate which spectrum chunks each company is interested in, but Google (listed under ‘Google Airways Inc’) is in familiar company, with fellow Open Handset Alliance member Qualcomm also present on the roll-call.

Qualcomm currently runs the MediaFlo USAmobile TV network that both AT&T and Verizon Wireless offer to subscribers, with network capacity from sections of the 700MHz band Qualcomm acquired a number of years ago.

Read more: google-phone.com Posted by Picasa

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FCC reveals 700MHz auction bidders - -

Worm Hits Google's Orkut

The intruder appears relatively harmless--and now halted--but raises security concerns.

Google's Orkut social networking site appeared to have been hit by a relatively harmless worm, but one that demonstrated the continuing vulnerability of Web applications.

Some Orkut users received an e-mail telling them they had been sent a new scrapbook entry -- a type of Orkut message -- on their profile from another Orkut user.

They only had to view their profile to become infected by the worm, which added them to an Orkut group, "Infectados pelo Vírus do Orkut," wrote the blogger Kee Hinckley on his site TechnoSocial.

Full story: pcworld.com Posted by Picasa

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Worm Hits Google's Orkut - -

New Google Talk bots bring real-time translation to IM

In Google's never-ending quest to collect and utilize the world's information, the company today introduced a new translation feature to its Google Talk chat client. Delivered as a series of chat bots, these tools can quickly translate a phrase or paragraph for you, and they can even be added to group chats to act as real-time translators. The inaugural attempt is certainly a big step in the right direction, but as with any attempt to bridge language barriers with automation, things sometimes get lost in translation.

Google lists out about 30 total language bots in the announcement post on the Google Talk blog. The bots are all logically named according to their translation duty, such as en2ko@bot.talk.google.com, signifying an English to Korean translation. Just like Google's other language services, English is the dominant language across the translations, though some non-English bots such as fr2de do exist. Users must add a bot to their Gmail contact list in order to communicate with the bot or use it in a group chat. Once added though, these bots will do their job both in Gmail and other Google Talk implementations like the iGoogle start page, but group chats don't appear to work in third-party clients such as Apple's iChat.

Full article: arstechnica.com Posted by Picasa

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New Google Talk bots bring real-time translation to IM - -

Google adds flight status to search tool

Holiday travellers wondering if their scheduled airline flight is running on time can go to a familiar, if unconventional, source for the information: Google.

The popular online search engine announced Tuesday that it has modified its search tool to provide up-to-date information on the status of daily airline flights.

When users type their airline and flight number into the Google search bar, the first result returned will tell them whether the flight is on time or delayed, as well as estimated departure and arrival times.

Read more: cbc.ca Posted by Picasa

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Google adds flight status to search tool - Wednesday, December 19, 2007 -

Pupils design doodle for Google

Two school pupils from Wales were runners-up in a UK-wide competition run by search engine Google to find new ideas for its famous logo.

Designs by Sioned Fflur Samuel, 15, from Barry and Gwyn Owen, 13, of Bangor were picked from 65,000 entries for the Doodle 4 Google shortlist.

Their logos were among 48 of the best entries picked for display on the Doodle 4 Google website.

The competition was won by 14-year-old Claire Rammelkamp from Bristol.

Read more: news.bbc.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Pupils design doodle for Google - -

Google’s AdWords hijacked by malware

BitDefender, a Romanian-based online security company, has discovered a new form of Trojan malware that literally hijacks Google’s AdWords, or text-based advertisements, and replaces them with ads from other third-party sites, causing the company to lose money due to it via its click-through advertising.

The malicious software, Trojan.Qhost.WU, does this by changing details in the infected computer’s files causing it to point to a new web address rather than display Google’s AdWords.

“This is a serious situation that damages users and webmasters alike,” said Attila-Mihaly Balazs, a BitDefender virus analyst.

Full story: siliconrepublic.com Posted by Picasa

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Google’s AdWords hijacked by malware - -

Google-DoubleClick merger opponents threaten legal action

Coalition says FTC chair has conflict of interest

A coalition opposing Google's $3.1 billion merger with DoubleClick renewed charges of conflicts and threatened possible legal action over a decision by a regulatory chairman not to recuse herself from reviewing the merger.

In a conference call with reporters today, representatives of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy, said they are considering filing a lawsuit in response to a decision last week by Deborah Platt Majoras, chair of the Federal Trade Commission. Majoras denied a request from the groups that she recuse herself from the merger review after the groups learned that her husband, John M. Majoras, is a partner who specializes in antitrust at the Jones Day law firm representing DoubleClick.

Read more: mercurynews.com Posted by Picasa

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Google-DoubleClick merger opponents threaten legal action - -

Google launches “knol” beta

Google has entered the world of wiki

Google has begun testing its own version of Wikipedia, the knol project.

The knol project is yet more confirmation that Google may manage to infiltrate all areas of the web, and is a logical step for the firm to increase revenue with Wikipedia entries faring so high on its page rank search engine.

The project is an attempt to encourage people to contribute knowledge, said Google, and it will function similar to Wikipedia but with a difference that takes account of frequent Wiki criticisms.

Udi Manber, Google vice president of engineering, said in a Google blog that a knol will be “just a web page; we use the word knol as the name of the project and as an instance of an article interchangeably.”

Full article: vnunet.com Posted by Picasa

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Google launches “knol” beta - Monday, December 17, 2007 -

Google SketchUp 6.4.112

Developed for the conceptual stages of design, Google SketchUp is a powerful yet easy-to-learn 3D software tool that combines a simple, yet robust tool-set with an intelligent drawing system that streamlines and simplifies 3D design. From simple to complex, conceptual to realistic, Google SketchUp enables you to build and modify 3D models quickly and easily. If you use Google Earth, Google SketchUp allows you to place your models using real-world coordinates and share them with the world using the Google 3D Warehouse.

With just a few simple tools, you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects - even space ships.

Google SketchUp is free for personal use. No registration is required.

Download: Google SketchUp 6.4.112 Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X  Posted by Picasa

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Google SketchUp 6.4.112 - -

Google Talk

They say talk is cheap. With Google Talk, it’s free–and fast:

· Flexibility: Get in touch with an IM, email, or a call

· Quality: Enjoy fast file transfer and high quality voice calls

· Convenience: Convenience: Reach all your Gmail contacts, with just a click

· Pictures and themes: See pictures in your Friends list and chat sessions.

· File Transfer: With this top requested new feature, you can send unlimited files and folders to your friends through Google Talk. There is no restriction on the file type or size and the peer-to-peer transfer is fast and reliable.

· Voicemail: If your friends aren’t around to answer your call, you can leave them a voicemail message instead. Just record your voice after the “Meep” and your friends will get an email to their Talk contact address with the voicemail attached as an audio file. They can play your message when they check their email and save it for as long as they want.

· Music Status and Music Trends: Listening to music while chatting on Google Talk? Now you can let your friends see what you’re listening to by selecting “Show current music track” in your status menu. Your status message will change when your song does!

· Chat with your orkut friends using Google Talk

· PC-to-PC voice calls

Google Talk requires a Gmail username and password, and Windows 200/XP/Vista.

Mac and Linux users can connect to Google Talk using other other IM clients.

Download: Google Talk | Google Talk for BlackBerry devices (most commonly accessed via your BlackBerry) Posted by Picasa

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Google Talk - Thursday, December 13, 2007 -

GooPackage 0.1

GooPackage - The open source package manager for Google applications, powered by Mozilla Prism.

Download: GooPackage 0.1 Posted by Picasa

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GooPackage 0.1 - -

Google Toolbar 5.0.1112.3348 Beta

Google Toolbar is a popular browser add-on for Internet Explorer that makes it possible to quickly perform Google Web searches, prevent annoying pop-up ads from appearing, and fill in Web forms with one simple click.

Take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web

· Add buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite sites.

· Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere

· Search smarter with instant suggestions as you type in the search box

· Share web pages with friends via blog, email, or SMS

· Add gadgets to your Toolbar

· Fill out web forms with a click

· Access your Toolbar from any computer

· Clip content as you browse the web with Google Notebook, now integrated with Toolbar

System requirements:
· Windows 2000/XP/Vista
· Internet Explorer 6.0+

Download: Google Toolbar 4.0.1602.1060 | Google Toolbar 5.0.1112.3348 Beta Posted by Picasa

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Google Toolbar 5.0.1112.3348 Beta - Wednesday, December 12, 2007 -

Google co-founder weds

The wedding of Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, on Sir Richard Branson's luxury Caribbean island has generated a swirl of excitement despite attempts to keep the nuptials private.

Up to 600 people were expected to witness Page tie the knot with doctoral student Lucy Southworth on Necker Island, Branson's 74-acre British Virgin Islands hideaway.

The Virgin boss's involvement reportedly even stretched to performing the best man's duties for his fellow billionaire.

Page had been labelled one of the world's most eligible bachelors, with a fortune estimated at $18.5bn (£9.1bn). Attempts to keep details of the bash under wraps were not wholly successful, with various US newspapers and blogs reporting details from the exclusive gathering.

Read more: guardian.co.uk Posted by Picasa

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Google co-founder weds - Monday, December 10, 2007 -

Google Rolls AIM Into Gmail

It's been nearly two years in the making, but Google has finally opened up its Gmail chat widget to AOL's IM network.

Gmail may have dragged thousands of e-mail users away from their existing accounts at other companies and over to Google, but the company’s approach to IM, dubbed Google Talk, hasn’t had quite the same success. Without many users, the standalone client stagnated until Google combined it with Gmail, proving that users enjoy the convenience of chatting while they e-mail, but not necessarily on Google’s own small network.

Full article: digitaltrends.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Rolls AIM Into Gmail - Thursday, December 06, 2007 -

Google Mac Developer Playground unveiled

Google has many products available for desktop and mobile users, but until today there wasn’t a specific area for Mac users to find products made just for them.

Google rectified that by introducing the Google Mac Developer Playground. The playground is a place where Mac users can look for new open source projects and demos.

The Mac playground opened with six projects online – Stats, GData, MacFUSE, iPhone Disk, Cover Story and Quartz Composer Patches.

Read more: macworld.com Posted by Picasa

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Google Mac Developer Playground unveiled - -

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